Contact Information

Director of Audit
Ms. Dahalia Sealey

Tel: 457-1541
Main Office: 457-2563  or 456-1111 (Ext 381/ 382)

Fax: 451- 2190

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am to 4:15pm


General Information
Mission Statement

To promote accountability, transparency and improvement of all Government Departments and entities and to ascertain that the funds appropriated by Parliament are applied to the purposes intended.


Programme Objectives

The Audit Department is required by the Constitution to examine the accounts of the Central Government, Local Government and Statutory Undertakings to ensure that funds provided by the Parliament are used for the purposes intended giving due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness. It is intended that the Director of Audit reports on the Accounts annually, which report forms the basis for the function of the Public Accounts Committee.